Middlesex County New Jersey Real Estate Statistics

16 Aug 2013

Real Estate Statistics:Middlesex County, New Jersey June 30, 2013

Real Estate Sale Statistics: Middlesex County, New Jersey

Year to Date June 30, 2013

Yes, real estate statistics in Middlesex County are more favorable in the second quarter year to date as compared to previous years. Residential one family closed transactions have increased 16.3% and average sale prices are up 4.2%.

Yes, this is good news for home owners. As discussed in my previous post of closed sales through March, 2013, home buyers got off the fence and were signing contracts to purchase homes. With listing inventory being low, home owners were receiving multiple offers and yes bidding wars occurred. And that trend continued into the second quarter of this year; available listing inventory stayed low and there were many buyers chasing  limited listing inventory. Again, many home sellers were receiving multiple contract offers and buyer bidding wars scontinued throughout the quarter.

Looking forward to see what the 2013 Third Quarter Statistics will look like!














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