Middlesex County Real Estate Statistics

25 Oct 2013

Real Estate Statistics: Middlesex County, New Jersey

Real Estate Statistics
Middlesex County, New Jersey

Year to Date Comparison, September 30, 2013
As Compared to to the Same Period in 2011 and 2012

Yes, real estate sale transactions have increased in Middlesex County!

Yes, real estate sale prices have increased in Middlesex County!

Most all Towns have witnessed an increase in closed real estate sales and an increase in average sale price when looking at the real estate statistics obtained from the Middlesex County MLS. The Third Quarter real estate statistics in 2013 shows much improvement over similar period comparisons in 2012 and 2011.

However, in taking a close look at individual home sales in the various Towns, a key factor in understanding the average prices is the impact of many short sale and foreclosure sales with much lower than normal sale prices for the neighborhood and town they are located in. These sales do have an effect on the overall average prices. There is evidence that these type of distressed sales are slowing in many market areas and I would expect to see continued price increases in the coming months based on the current home buyer activity in the market place.

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