25 Jan 2014

Real Estate Statistics: 2013, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Real Estate Statistics
Residential One Family Homes
Middlesex County, New Jersey
Year to Date Comparison, 2010-2013

RedUpArrowYes, real estate sale transactions for one family homes have increased in Middlesex County in 2013!
Yes, real estate sale prices for one family homes have increased in Middlesex County in 2013!
Closed Residential One Family Sales Transactions increased over 19% and the average sale prices increased more than 6% in Middlesex County in 2013!

Wondering why the increase in real estate transactions and real estate values in 2013?

There are lots of reasons, some very simple:
* Depressed real estate values as compared to 2006
* Pent-up demand from buyers sitting on the sidelines waiting to buy
* Upward movement of mortgage interest rates, from historic lows of 3.25 % and lower to over 4.5 %, which created urgency for
many buyers
* More positive economic news started flowing and reports of stronger real estate sales activity became more pronounced
* More buyers looking to purchase real estate
* Limited listing inventory creating multiple buyer offers and bidding wars creating an an upward push in real estate values!

Wondering what the changes were in the various Towns in Middlesex County?

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2013 Middlesex County_YTD

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Whether you are looking to buy, are interested in selling or are just curious about the real estate market, real estate is local! Real estate sales activity and real estate values vary, whether you live in Iselin, New Jersey, Colonia, Edison, in another town in Middlesex County or in any other State. They even vary from one area in a town to another. What’s true of the whole is not necessarily true of the parts!

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