Middlesex County New Jersey Real Estate Statistics

29 Jul 2011

Real Estate Sale Statistics, Middlesex County, New Jersey, June 30, 2011

View Real Estate Sale Statistics in Middlesex County, New Jersey through June 30,2011

Middlesex County Real Estate Statistics, June 30, 2011

Whether you are interested in buying a home, planning on selling a home or are just curious about real estate sale statistics in Middlesex County, and want reliable information, the following statistical information was obtained through published information by the Middlesex County MLS  for closed sales though June 30, 2011.

Statistical information is important, but there is more to knowing the real estate market and market values than just looking at statistics. Not only do real estate values vary in Iselin, Colonia and Edison and from county to county, they also vary from neighborhood to neighborhood in the same town.

Real estate sale statistics can be important, but does the statistical data always paint the entire picture? Remember Econonomics 101: What is true of the whole may not be true of the parts. Just because there is a large drop in average sale price, such as Sayreville (-23.3%), does not mean that all homes in all price ranges and in all sections of Sayreville lost the same amount in value. No it does not! 

In order to make informed decisions, home buyers and home sellers need to obtain a better understanding of real estate sale statistics. Just as doctors interpret xrays, lawyers interpret published legal opinions and insurance companies interpret life expectancy charts, REALTORS know how to interpret real sale statistics. A home buyer’s and home seller’s REALTOR can provide more specific information, more detailed information and provide a more thorough analysis in helping their client make more informed home buying and home selling decisons.  

Summary: Middlesex County sales transactions were down 17.1% and average sale prices dropped 6.4% as compared to the time period of January 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010. There are 34 towns/market areas in Middlesex County in the Middlesex MLS. Only 7 towns showed sale transaction increases and only 9 towns showed an increase in average sale price. 

Middlesex County Real Estate Sale Statistics, June 30, 2011Interested in viewing more real estate reports and real estate sale statistics from 2004, visit www.RealEstateSalesData.DavidFialk.com.

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