21 Jun 2010

Middlesex County Real Estate, Year to Date Sales, May 2010


Yes, the real estate market has been more active as compared to 2009!
Yes, there has been an increase in closed sales through May, 2010!
View Year to Date May, 2010 Sales Comparisons in Middlesex County


Real estate is local, and real estate sales and sale price statistics have not changed equally in all Towns or in all locations within a Town or County. Interested in viewing more statistical reports, take a look here!


If you are planning a sale of your current home or are planning to purchase your first home, you need to obtain more reliable information. Real estate statistics provide general information, provide trends, but is not the most reliable indicator as to what may be happening in the real estate market you have interest in.

Obtaining local, reliable information is important when buying or selling real estate! The REALTOR you choose can provide a more objective and more detailed view of the local real estate market.

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While there is a tremendous amount information available on the Internet, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable real estate professional. Closed sales provide information as to what the real estate market was like a couple of months previously. Sales price was negotiated two or so months prior to the closed sale. A closed sale may not be truly reflective of the current market.

There is so much more to understanding the real estate market than just studying real estate sales transactions. There is the amount of current listing inventory on the market for sale. There is a comparison of listing inventory to pending sales, commonly referred to as absorption rate. There is an analysis of days on market of active listings as compared to sold listings.

Information like this can be provided by a local REALTOR, whether you are interested in buying a home or selling one. When looking to buy a home… when looking looking to sell a home…. Make the Right Choice…. Be sure you utilize the services of a knowledge and local REALTOR, one who is familiar with the LOCAL REAL ESTATE MARKET!

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