17 Jan 2012

Middlesex County Real Estate Statistics for 2011


Middlesex County Real Estate Statistics

Wondering what the Middlesex County Real Estate Statistics  for 2011 look like as compared to 2010?

Reading and listening to news media reports about the current real estate market can be very confusing! National reports and statistics cover the entire country, including new construction, one family homes and condominiums and townhouses. Real estate is local! Homeowners and potential homebuyers want information regarding the market where they live or where they are interested in buying.

What has happened in real estate in Middlesex County in 2011? Did real estate sales transactions increase? Did real estate values increase, drop or level off in 2011?

Whether you are looking to buy, are interested in selling or are just curious about the real estate market, real estate is local! Real estate sales activity and real estate values vary, whether you live in Iselin, New Jersey, Colonia, Edison, in another town in Middlesex County or in any other State. They even vary from one area in a town to another. What’s true of the whole is not necessarily true of the parts!


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Want to view closed sales in or around your town in Middlesex County for 2011? Click here for lots of real estate statistics!

Interested in reliable real estate statistics where you live. Contact your REALTOR, and I am sure they can provide similar information. Not sure about who to call, just ask, and I will be happy to help!


The above article,“Middlesex County Real Estate Statistics for 2011”, was written by David Fialk, REALTOR, Broker Owner, Choice Realty Co., Iselin, New Jersey and regularly posts real estate articles of interest for home buyers, home sellers and home owners.

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