Middlesex County Real Estate Statistics

22 Jan 2013

Middlesex County 2012 Real Estate Statistics

Middlesex County 2012 Real Estate Statistics
Obtaining Middlesex County 2012 Real Estate Statistics and understanding real estate market sales data can be very difficult to obtain and can be very confusing trying to understand! National reports and statistics cover the entire country, including new construction, one family homes and condominiums and townhouses.

Real estate statistics are reported almost daily, whether the reports are from the National Association of REALTORS, Case Shiller,  Zillow, Trulia or some other real estate group. One day and one report states sale transactions and sale prices increasing and the following day a report says they have stabilized or declined. So, what information should a potential home seller or home buyer rely on?

Real estate is local! Homeowners and potential home buyers want information regarding the real estate market where they live or where they are interested in buying or selling. While sales statistics and average sale prices can be a guide to the pulse of the real estate market, there is other valuable information a home buyer or home seller should be aware of, such as days on market, listing inventory and the amount of new listings coming on the market compared to the amount of under contract sale transactions.

What has happened with Middlesex County 2012 Real Estate Statistics? Did one family closed real estate sales transactions increase in 2012? Did real estate values for one family homes increase, drop or level off in 2012?

Take a look at One Family Home Sales in Middlesex County for 2012.

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Yes, real estate transactions increased from 2011! And the change is more pronounced when comparing  the Middlesex County 2012 Real Estate Statistics with 2010.

Middlesex County as a whole experienced an increase in one family closed sale transactions of 12.6 % and a very small drop in average sale price. However, the Middlesex County statistics are not consistent with every Town in the County. again, real estate is local. What is true of the whole may not be true of the parts, as they say in Economics 101.

However, what is important is that sale transactions are increasing. And that occurs only when there is buyer demand which creates sale transactions.

What has happened with Sale Prices in the Middlesex County 2012 Real Estate Statistics?

Average sale prices dropped a modest .3% in the entire County as compared to a drop of 2.4 % and 7.7 % in 2011 and 2010 respectively. Again, the change in sale price is not consistent in each Town in the County.

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