04 May 2011

Energy Saving Tips for the Home

Energy Efficiency in the Home!
Money Saving and Energy Saving Tips!

With the high cost of energy in maintaining a home and the concern for saving our nation’s energy resources, wouldn’t it be prudent to take advantage of paying attention to home owning tips that can, and will, save money? Doesn’t it make sense to be be concerned with energy efficiency in the home?

A Look at Energy Use in the Home

Whether it is the electric bill, gas bill or the oil bill, utility costs are rising. And the increase each month is becoming quite noticeable. To many of us long time home owners, one utility bill is higher than the original mortgage payment on our home. So yes, finding ways to cut costs, conserve energy and save money is becoming more important now for home owners and tenants than in the past.

Paying attention to energy saving tips and energy efficiency should not only be a consideration the day the utility bill arrives. Whether it is checking that lights are turned off in unoccupied rooms, lowering the thermostat a degree or so or replacing that old inefficient furnace, each of these actions save on future energy bills. In looking at the pie chart above, there are lots of areas to find ways to create savings. Small monthly savings add up to large annual energy cost savings.

Utility bills are a monthly expense. In fact, these bills are just like the mortgage payment and car payment. They come every month and it seems the first of the month comes quicker than it used to!

In addition, home buyers are very conscious about energy saving. They look for homes which are more energy efficient. They question old furnaces, original windows, little or no insulation in the attic. They favor new, energy efficient furnaces, new siding, insulated windows.  They do favor energy savings!

Why not spend a few minutes of your time, click the link below to view the report and see how you can find energy saving tips for your home?

View the Energy Savers Booklet from the US Department of Energy, Courtesy of the National Association of REALTORS.

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