22 Jan 2011

Be Equipped Like a Pro: Home Toolbox Must Haves

As a Homeowner, there is nothing wrong with trying to do things yourself and saving money! Take a moment to see what your toolbox is missing!

  • Man patching drywall in his home


    Must-Have Drywall Tools

    The correct drywall tools will easily repair the cracks and holes that inevitably appear in your walls. Here’s a look at the drywall tools that will do the job. Read

  • Testing a grounded outlet in a home


    Must-Have Electrical Tools

    Basic electrical tools will save you money on simple repairs and should be in every home owner’s toolbox. Read

  • Homeowner cutting logs for firewood


    Must-Have Landscape Tools

    In the world of landscape tools, these are the basics you must have to improve and maintain your property. Read

  • Woman with a paint roller in a home's basement


    Must-Have Painting Tools

    Sooner or later you’re going to paint something; you might as well have the correct tools. Here are the tools that should be in your painting toolbox. Read

  • Woman holding an adjustable pipe wrench in her kitchen


    Must-Have Plumbing Tools

    Stock these plumbing tools in your home toolbox so you can fix sinks, toilets, and other plumbing problems that may arise. Read

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