Middlesex County Real Estate Statistics

27 May 2011

April 2011, Real Estate Values and Sale Statistics, Middlesex County, NJ

 A Look at Real Estate Values and Sale Statistics
Middlesex County, New Jersey, April, 2011  

Comparison Report YTD

Wondering what real estate values and sale statistics look like in Iselin, Colonia, Edison or any other town in Middlesex County on April, 2011 compared to April, 2010? Wondering if real estate values increased/decreased from 2010? Have more homes sold in 2011 than 2010?

Here are the average sale prices and sale statistics from a few towns in Middlesex County. Click here to view the statistics for all towns.  
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The change in average sale prices and closed sale transactions are inconsistent! Real estate sales and sale statistics vary from one county to another, one town to another and neighborhood to neighborhood. As learned in Economics 101, what is true of the whole is not necessarily true of the parts!

Statistical information is important, but average sale prices or median sale prices only show the large picture. There is more to knowing the real estate market and market values for a particular area or for a particular home than just looking at average price changes.

REALTORS have all this information at their finger tips. When a buyer or homeowner needs to obtain reliable information regarding local real estate values and sale statistics, the first place to start is contacting a LOCAL REALTOR who is very familiar with the local real estate market and sales activity.

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